Spectral Smoke

Spectral smoke, oh how you haunt, Like a whisper in the night, you taunt. Your wispy tendrils dance and sway, And leave a trail of ghostly gray.

You rise up from the embers’ glow, And spread your veil of mist below. A haunting presence, ever near, You fill the air with eerie fear.

You twist and turn, a spectral form, And in your wake, you leave a storm. A miasma of twisted dreams, That lingers on, or so it seems.

Oh spectral smoke, you are a muse, A source of inspiration to use. You kindle thoughts both dark and bright, And lead us to the edge of night.

In your embrace, we find release, A fleeting moment of sweet peace. And when you vanish into air, We’re left with memories to bear.

So spectral smoke, we bid adieu, And hope to see you soon anew. For in your haunting, we find hope, And learn to cope with life’s tightrope.

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