AI in Politics: The Controversy Around OpenAI’s Suspension of Chatbot-Impersonating Developer

OpenAI has put on hold the developer accountable for Dean.Bot, a chatbot powered by ChatGPT that’s modeled to mimic Democratic presidential nominee Dean Phillips.

The artificial intelligence entity, developed by the emerging company Delphi, was designed to assist Phillips in his political run. Yet, this action clearly conflicts with OpenAI’s regulations, resulting in the responsible programmer’s suspension.

The Washington Post conveyed that even though there was a disclaimer explaining the function of the chatbot to users, the mission of Dean.Bot was evident: to interact with likely backers and disseminate the contender’s viewpoint.

OpenAI has acknowledged the barring of the developer, stressing that there was a breach of their guidelines. The move comes on the heels of OpenAI’s latest blog post detailing the steps taken to thwart the inappropriate use of their technology. This includes a specific emphasis on the ban of “chatbots mimicking candidates” in preparation for the 2024 elections.

Interestingly, OpenAI’s guidelines go a step further than this specific instance, clearly indicating that usage for political campaigning and advocacy is strictly prohibited.

In a significant year for elections – not only in the US but also in other Western nations such as the UK – it’s not shocking that OpenAI is adopting a resolute position against bots that might be perceived as meddling or disseminating false information.

Following the question raised, Delphi first took out ChatGPT from the bot while maintaining its functioning using different open-source instruments. Nonetheless, OpenAI stepping in led to the eventual halting of the chatbot on Friday evening.

Those who venture onto the Dean.Bot webpage will now encounter a notification stating that the chatbot is unavailable owing to some “technical glitches.” Accompanying this is a note that says, “Sorry, DeanBot is currently tied up with campaigning activities!”

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