Multispectral Agri Project with RPI

RPi with Multispectrum IR Camera

With the advocacy to help farmers with data science, a project proposed by Wilson Chua of BNS to me about a multispectral project to be used for getting better data using surveillance images of a farm.

Initially, I am using Raspberry Pi 3 for the project but it just can’t handle the needed function so I have to get RPi4 to do the job. Aside from the Raspberry Pi we will have to use a multiplexer where it took us around 2 months to get a good one from Texas USA which allowed me to get one rather than 10 pieces from Chinese suppliers.

Anyhow the next challenge will now come to stabilizing the images taken from the device attached to our Phantom 3 drone. We have been testing conventional solutions such as rubber stabilizers used on the gimbal – camera assembly of Phantom 3.

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