Stop Visiting Leni’s Donation Drive Site It Is Risky

Just this morning out of curiosity I am checking on Leni Robredo’s site for donations, and sad to say the site is inaccessible on our network telling that the site is malicious and possible flagged as a scam site from Trend Micro’s AV Network.

A deeper look on our logs, it shows that it is really being flagged as scam. And possibly it is reported to be a scam by a significant number of people.

Trend Micro Log from our Mesh Network
Sample Log from our Network Protected Device

And further check from Trend Micro’s Site Safety to confirm the log in our network this is the result.

False positive scam / spam tagging or flagging by Trend Micro
Trend Micro Site Safety Flagging Information

So what does all of this fuzz mean? Well technically it is warning us that the Donation Drive site of Leni Robredo is not safe. But don’t take the information in a grain of salt, Trend Micro’s Global Site Safety system uses crowd sourcing to flag sites and can be reversed via reclassification and the admins of the site can request for testing and may submit samples to say otherwise.

Technically upon checking the site with several tools, it is clean and legit, it just so happen that the reputation of the site is attacked to be flagged as such. But even if there is a possibility of site reputation attack let us still be careful when we see sites flag as such. It will still be best to be careful and shy away to sites that are flagged until they are proven clean and or sanitized.

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