Why I started to hate working with Filipinos when it comes to their IT Projects?


I used to be proud of working with fellow Filipinos on IT projects. I thought that we could work together and create something great. But over the years, my experience with Filipino IT projects has become increasingly painful and frustrating.

The common problems I encounter when working with Filipinos on IT projects are almost always the same: unprofessional behavior, frequent changes to requirements, even with clear deliverables they still have changing expectations, toxic superiority complexes, and the worst of all, non-payment for services.

To begin with, they often have new requirements and expect it to be done on time. This means that developers have to rush through tasks, leading to a decrease in quality. They also fail to read the fine print of contracts, leading to a lot of wasted time and effort if the project fails.

Next, Filipinos want their projects to be done quickly, but they keep changing the scope and timeline. They don’t take the time to read the approved milestones on the contract, and then when the project doesn’t turn out as planned, they try to blame me or the team for not understanding their needs.

Finally, there’s the toxic superiority complex. Filipinos have a tendency to be condescending, and they think that they know better than me. They don’t want to listen to my advice, and they’re always trying to one-up me, they think execution is just a click on the mouse.

To top it all off, they often don’t pay on time. They promise payment, but then they disappear. I have to chase them down just to get paid for my services.

I used to be proud of working with fellow Filipinos on IT projects. But now, more and more, I find myself wishing that I could just avoid working with them altogether. Their unprofessionalism, constant changes, and toxic superiority complexes have made my experience with Filipino IT projects unbearable. These problems are not just on individual projects but on corporate and government project as well.

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