Why Ghie Failed Globe and its Subscribers during Lockdown?

Gie of Globe

I am one of the subscriber of Globe, for more than 7 years already, from our internet to mobile phones which became a vital part of our business process. For the past few years their customer service is very responsive when it comes to our needs, though when they started to use Ghie around 2018, the response seems to be faster but the output is not.

When the company moved into automation and self service setup, based on my experience it is really faster when it comes to response and resolution to any inquiry if it is within the knowledge based of Ghie and it may take a bit longer when it needs to get it from an expert or if you are passed on to an actual customer service representative but still it is resolved at some level a feel of being taken cared of is there.

Though the problem came in when the lockdown started last March 15 this year of 2020 due to Covid-19 Pandemic in the country, Ghie’s response time took longer and based on my experience none of my request and problem got resolved. Ghie takes around 24 to 48 hours before it can respond to any request, considering this is a self service system and coupled with automation it shouldn’t take that long when it comes to response, and for resolution it is understandable that it will take longer because they are operating in an skeletal workforce and may not be able to handle all request.

So where did Ghie and Globe’s AI failed? Well let us explain first how an Artificial Intelligence work, it has 3 basic steps in the process:

  1. Activation – a way by which it takes in information, in the case of Ghie and Globe’s AI, it is via social listening, where in it listens Facebook and or Twitter of tags related to globe telecom, or when they are tagged on any post. That way they get to find you.
  2. Processing – a way by which it process information found on any input or putting any input into queue and process it, in the case of Ghie and Globe’s AI it replies to your post or message in Facebook or in Twitter and put it in, segregate, tag and process it.
  3. Feedback – a way by which it responds to any input and or information it was able to get and process, segregation allows an AI to provide proper feedback, i.e. if it needs to ask you further information and reprocess it. In the case of Ghie and Globe’s AI they use your tag and statement to identify which problem or challenge you are having and ask you a series of questions with formatted reply template until they can provide you a final feedback.

So where did Ghie and Globe’s AI failed Globe and its Subscribers, the 3 basic steps entails training of knowledge data which needs to be managed by an expert during the early years of it. The problem they have now is that their AI is not fully optimized and definitely not well managed when it comes to its knowledge structure, and possibly the infrastructure running it is not well prepared for the demand and or load that it will handle. That is why it is failing on responding and giving timely feedback to Globe’s subscribers, and further giving Globe bad reputation on customer service.

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